There's more to your new construction project!

Inspire apartment buyers with a 3D apartment finder of their future property – and yourself with valuable glimpses behind the scenes. After all, in addition to the emotional buying experience of your customers, as a property developer or project developer you are above all optimizing the sales process of your new-build property. This can speed up the marketing process, saving you valuable resources and reducing your financing costs.

Virtual marketing

When it comes to marketing new-build apartments, your desire for more speed can be fulfilled almost effortlessly. The use of an interactive flat finder allows marketing to start earlier, around the clock, as interested homebuyers can get a virtual idea of the property long before construction begins.

Virtuelle Neubauvermarktung
Nachfrage Analyse FlatyFind

Valid basis for decision making

Which units are in particular demand, which ones do you need to provide more support for in sales – and how? FlatyFind gives you insights into the (search) behavior of your prospects. The benefits here go far beyond the current project. Create a database to support land acquisition processes and planning for future projects.

Efficient marketing

To get the most out of your project, efficient use of resources is critical. FlatyFind supports you in many ways to work even more focused. The digital marketing wizard helps you categorize and prioritize prospects. In addition, with FlatyFind you can see at a glance which route your prospects are taking and which adjustments are advisable. And last but not least, this allows you to manage your marketing process and your brokers – whether in-house or external – even better.

Salesfunnel Immobilienvermarktung FlatyFind
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Additional revenue

The best price for your new-build apartments depends on many factors – and often changes depending on market and demand developments during the course of the project. With FlatyFind’s best price algorithm, you always get the best price for each unit and never miss an opportunity to generate additional revenue.

You want to market faster and more successfully?

We would be happy to show you the added value that the coordinated functions of FlatyFind can offer you.

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