Offer your customers that little extra

As an agency, you don’t just want to market your client’s new construction project well, but also constantly surprise them with new digital ideas and channels for more successful marketing. With FlatyFind you put your customer’s project in the right light and generate more leads as a result. What’s more, valuable insights enable you to manage the marketing process and budgets even better.

Start marketing earlier

Make your customers’ new construction projects virtually walkable long before they are built. Unlike classic visualizations, three-dimensional, 360° rotatable models can do much more: They stimulate the imagination of potential buyers and thus create an emotional connection to the project – well before ground is broken.

Datenbasierte Immobilienvermarktung

Get more qualified inquiries

Qualified housing inquiries and contact information are trumps. In most cases, however, valuable potential remains unused here. Help your customers get more out of their data and market projects in a more focused way – through intelligent analyses as well as optimized registration masks and inquiry forms, for example.

Targeting the marketing budget

On which channels and from which regions do interested parties find the project? Which campaigns have worked well? Answers to questions like these help you identify demand trends for current and future projects, make the customer journey even more customer-centric, and target your marketing budget.

Datenbasierte Immobilienvermarktung

Realize additional revenues

FlatyFind gets more out of every project – and you can take that literally. On average, the additional revenue potential in new construction projects amounts to 1.7 percent. Our best price algorithm makes it possible. It signals as soon as a price adjustment is recommended for specific units. And not only that: Based on complex data analyses, even the best price is recommended.

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